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In 2013, Boulder County purchased the 13-acre Alkonis property for the purpose of growing their Affordable Housing options. The property, now known as Kestrel, is located just northwest of Highway 42 and South Boulder Road in Louisville. As the last undeveloped parcel in the area, the site is strategically positioned to create a dynamic neighborhood center that will enliven the area and complement the historic downtown.

Kestrel will include 71 units for people 55 and older and another 129 units for families, and will serve households with incomes up to 60% of the Area Median Income. Community members displaced by the 2013 floods will receive priority consideration.

In addition to creating an inclusive, multi-generational community to help meet the region’s growing demand for Affordable Housing, we’ve followed 100-year thinking in its design, incorporating sustainability planning with future generations in mind. Kestrel will maintain high energy sustainability – exceeding governing sustainability measures by 50% – and will incorporate natural features, regional trail connections, green space, innovative play structures, and a state-of-the-art community building. Kestrel will have a property manager on site and, as with BCHA’s other properties, will have coordinators to link residents to other supportive resources and services.

Where is this project:  Kestrel is located in Louisville, northwest of the intersection of 95th Street (also known as Highway 42) and South Boulder. The current site address is 245 N. 96th Street, although once the development is completed, that address will change to numbers that reflect individual building and units.

What is this project:   Kestrel is a intergenerational neighborhood serving a variety of populations within two distinct, integrated projects: 129 townhome-style units within seventeen buildings for individuals and families of all ages, and one three-story apartment building with 71 units for residents ages 55 and older.   Rents ranging from $1100-$1500/month.

Will there be for sale units:  At this time, no units at Kestrel will be for sale. One lot may be sold to a private developer in the future to build for-sale homes. If so, it that option may not be available for years, and the homes will likely be sold at market-rate.

Who can Apply:  All units are available for households with income at or below 60% of the Area Median Income. For 2017, the income limits are below. Based on a unit/building’s specific lease-up date, some units will have household income subject to 2018 limits, which may not be available until after the first quarter 2018.

What do the Affordable Housing Units look like?  Check it Out:

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